What is booknemonic?

It is a tool that makes encryption simplier to be achieved.

Booknemonic uses elliptic curve cryptography to encrypt/decrypt and sign/verify messages. This could be done similarly with a lot of different ways like PGP. The problem was that before you needed to have a very long PGP key to do it. It wasn't possible to write down your key and share it with people at work. You had to transfer the key via computer.
With booknemonic, you can create digital signatures without having to transfer large base64 encoded strings.

Booknemonic UI (2.57MB)
SHA-1: BED05DE4195F9FDD913F4B071EC91B88E670AA2E

Booknemonic CLI (1.10MB)
SHA-1: AC4FB9FE510D067F759B1D36CE67263A38D83866

Major updates:
07/03/2021: Added command line interface.
09/02/2021: Added option for having your own contacts.
14/01/2021: Added option for file encryption/decryption with ECC. (Asymmetric)

This project is open source and the source can be found on github.com/AngeloMetal/booknemonic ↗

By Angelo M.  (public words)